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  1. Reduction of reverse solute flux induced solute buildup in the feed solution of forward osmosis
    ->Matthew FerbyShiqiang Zou, Zhen He*

    ->Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology, In Press

  2. Highly Selective Adsorption of Vanadium (V) by Nano-Hydrous Zirconium Oxide Modified Anion Exchange Resin
    ->Min Li, Baogang Zhang*Shiqiang Zou, Qingsong Liu, Meng Yang

    ->Journal of Hazardous Materials 2020, 384, 121386

  3. Mitigation of Bidirectional Solute Flux via Surface Coating of Zwitterion Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes in Forward Osmosis Process
    ->Shiqiang Zou#, Ethan D. Smith#, Shihong Lin, Stephen M. Martin*, Zhen He*           <Link>    <Researchgate

    ->Environment International 2019, 131, 104970

    Graphical Abstract Coating.png

  4. Tackle Reverse Solute Flux in Forward Osmosis towards Sustainable Water Recovery: Reduction and Perspectives
    ->Shiqiang Zou, Mohan Qin,  Zhen He*           <Link>    <Researchgate

    ->Water Research 2019, 49, 362-374

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  5. Nitrogen Removal from the Water of a Recirculating Aquaculture System by a Bioelectrochemical System
    ->Shiqiang Zou#Lu Guan#, Daniel P. Taylor, David Kuhn, Zhen He*           <Link>    <Researchgate> 

    ->Aquaculture 2018, 497, 74-81

  6. Enhancing the Performance of an Osmotic Microbial Fuel Cell through Self-buffering with Reverse-fluxed Sodium Bicarbonate
    ->Simiao Wu, Shiqiang Zou,  Yuli Yang, Guangren Qian, Zhen He*           <Link>    <Researchgate> 

    ->Chemical Engineering Journal 2018, 349, 241–248

  7. Evaluation of Energy Consumption of Treating Nitrate-Contaminated Groundwater by Bioelectrochemical Systems
    ->Daniele Cecconet, Shiqiang Zou,  Andrea G. Capodaglio, Zhen He*           <Link>    <Researchgate>

    ->Science of the Total Environment 2018, 636, 881-890

  8. Modelling Assisted Evaluation of Direct Electricity Generation from Waste Heat of Wastewater via a Thermoelectric Generator
    ->Shiqiang Zou#, Eurydice Kanimba#, Thomas E. Diller, Zhiting Tian*, Zhen He*           <Link>    <Researchgate>

    ->Science of the Total Environment 2018635, 1215-1224

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  9. Forward Osmosis Promoted in-situ Formation of Struvite with Simultaneous Water Recovery from Digested Swine Wastewater
    ->Zhenyu Wu, Shiqiang Zou, Bo Zhang, Lijun Wang, Zhen He*           <Link>    <Researchgate>

    ->Chemical Engineering Journal 2018, 342, 274-280

  10. Efficiently “Pumping Out” Value-Added Resources from Wastewater by Bioelectrochemical Systems: A Review from Energy Perspectives
    ->Shiqiang Zou, Zhen He*          <Link>    <Researchgate>

    ->Water Research 2018, 131, 62-73Graphical Abstract2

  11. Passive Separation of Recovered Ammonia from Catholyte for Reduced Energy Consumption in Microbial Electrolysis Cell
    ->Mohan Qin, Christian White, Shiqiang Zou, Zhen He*          <Link>    <Researchgate>

    ->Chemical Engineering Journal 2018, 334, 2303-2307

  12. High-efficient Photocatalytic Disinfection of Escherichia coli under Visible Light Using Carbon Supported Vanadium Tetrasulfide Nanocomposites
    ->Baogang Zhang*,#Shiqiang Zou#, Ruquan Cai, Min Li, Zhen He*         <Link>    <Researchgate>        

    ->Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 2018, 224, 383-393

    Graphical Abstract.png

  13. Enhancing Recovery of Magnesium as Struvite from Landfill Leachate by Treatment of Calcium with Simultaneous Reduction of Liquid Volume via Forward Osmosis
    ->Simiao Wu, Shiqiang Zou, Guannan Liang, Guangren Qian, Zhen He*             <Link>    <Researchgate>      

    ->Science of the Total Environment 2018, 610-611, 137-146

  14. Electrodialysis Recovery of Reverse-fluxed Fertilizer Draw Solute during Forward Osmosis Water Treatment
    ->Shiqiang Zou, Zhen He*         <Link>    <Researchgate>

    ->Chemical Engineering Journal 2017, 330, 550-558


  15. Efficient Recovery of Polyelectrolyte Draw Solutes in Forward Osmosis towards Sustainable Water Treatment
    ->Yuli Yang, Mingtao Chen, Shiqiang Zou, Timothy Long, Xiaoli Yang, Zhen He*          <Link>    <Researchgate>        

    ->Desalination 2017, 422, 134-141

  16. Nutrient-Energy-Water Recovery from Synthetic Sidestream Centrate Using a Microbial Electrolysis Cell – Forward Osmosis Hybrid System
    ->Shiqiang Zou, Mohan Qin, Yann Moreau, Zhen He*             <Link>    <Researchgate>

    ->Journal of Cleaner Production 2017, 154, 16-25

    Graphical Abstract.jpg

  17. Energy Consumption by Forward Osmosis Treatment of Landfill Leachate for Water Recovery
    ->Syeed M. Iskander, Shiqiang Zou, Brian Brazil, John Novak, Zhen He*            <Link>    <Researchgate>

    ->Waste Management 2017, 63, 284-291

  18. Electrolysis-Assisted Mitigation of Reverse Solute Flux in a Three-Chamber Forward Osmosis System
    ->Shiqiang Zou, Zhen He*     <Link>    <Researchgate>

    ->Water Research 2017, 115, 111-119

    Graphical Abstract 01.jpg

  19. Energy Consumption of Water Recovery from Wastewater in a Submerged Forward Osmosis System with Commercial Liquid Fertilizers as Draw Solutes
    ->Xiaoxue Xiang, Shiqiang Zou, Zhen He*     <Link>    <Researchgate>
    ->Separation and Purification Technology 2017, 174, 432-438

  20. Energy Consumption by Recirculation: A Missing Parameter When Evaluating Forward Osmosis
    ->Shiqiang Zou, Heyang Yuan, Amy Childress*, Zhen He*     <Link>    <Researchgate>
    ->Environmental Science & Technology 2016, 50 (13), 6827-6829

  21. Enhancing Wastewater Reuse by Forward Osmosis with Self-Diluted Commercial Fertilizers as Draw Solutes
    ->Shiqiang Zou, Zhen He*     <Link>    <Researchgate>

    ->Water Research 2016, 99, 235-243


  22. High-Efficient Nitrogen Removal by Coupling Enriched Autotrophic-Nitrification and Aerobic-Denitrification Consortiums at Cold Temperature
    ->Shiqiang Zou, Shuo Yao, Jinren Ni*     <Link>    <Researchgate>
    ->Bioresource Technology 2014, 161, 288-296

Book Chapter

  1. Akshay Jain, Shiqiang Zou, Zhen He. Integration of Membranes into Bioelectrochemical Systems for Enhanced Treatment Performance. Submitted


  1. Application of psychrotolerant heterotrophic consortium capable of anoxic nitrogen removal in water treatment (Jinren Ni, Shiqiang Zou, Shuo Yao. Chinese patent, Peking University. Grant No.: CN 103342417 B)

  2. Application of psychrotolerant autotrophic nitrifying consortium in wastewater treatment (Jinren Ni, Shuo Yao, Shiqiang Zou. Chinese patent, Peking University. Grant No.: CN 103319000 B)

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