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Figure credit to Shiqiang Zou. Used with permission.
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  1. Reduction of Reverse Solute Flux Induced Salinity Buidup in the Feed Solution of Forward Osmosis: a Review
    ->Matthew FerbyShiqiang Zou, Zhen He*

    ->In Preparation

  2. Mitigation of Bidirectional Solute Flux via Surface Coating of Zwitterion Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes in Forward Osmosis Process
    ->Shiqiang Zou#, Ethan D. Smith#, Stephen M. Martin*, Zhen He*


  3. Tackle Reverse Solute Flux in Forward Osmosis towards Sustainable Water Recovery: Reduction and Perspectives
    ->Shiqiang Zou, Mohan Qin,  Zhen He*           <Link>    <Researchgate

    ->Water Research 2019, 49, 362-374

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  4. Nitrogen Removal from the Water of a Recirculating Aquaculture System by a Bioelectrochemical System
    ->Shiqiang Zou#Lu Guan#, Daniel P. Taylor, David Kuhn, Zhen He*           <Link>    <Researchgate> 

    ->Aquaculture 2018, 497, 74-81

  5. Enhancing the Performance of an Osmotic Microbial Fuel Cell through Self-buffering with Reverse-fluxed Sodium Bicarbonate
    ->Simiao Wu, Shiqiang Zou,  Yuli Yang, Guangren Qian, Zhen He*           <Link>    <Researchgate> 

    ->Chemical Engineering Journal 2018, 349, 241–248

  6. Evaluation of Energy Consumption of Treating Nitrate-Contaminated Groundwater by Bioelectrochemical Systems
    ->Daniele Cecconet, Shiqiang Zou,  Andrea G. Capodaglio, Zhen He*           <Link>    <Researchgate>

    ->Science of the Total Environment 2018, 636, 881-890

  7. Modelling Assisted Evaluation of Direct Electricity Generation from Waste Heat of Wastewater via a Thermoelectric Generator
    ->Shiqiang Zou#, Eurydice Kanimba#, Thomas E. Diller, Zhiting Tian*, Zhen He*           <Link>    <Researchgate>

    ->Science of the Total Environment 2018635, 1215-1224

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  8. Forward Osmosis Promoted in-situ Formation of Struvite with Simultaneous Water Recovery from Digested Swine Wastewater
    ->Zhenyu Wu, Shiqiang Zou, Bo Zhang, Lijun Wang, Zhen He*           <Link>    <Researchgate>

    ->Chemical Engineering Journal 2018, 342, 274-280

  9. Efficiently “Pumping Out” Value-Added Resources from Wastewater by Bioelectrochemical Systems: A Review from Energy Perspectives
    ->Shiqiang Zou, Zhen He*          <Link>    <Researchgate>

    ->Water Research 2018, 131, 62-73Graphical Abstract2

  10. Passive Separation of Recovered Ammonia from Catholyte for Reduced Energy Consumption in Microbial Electrolysis Cell
    ->Mohan Qin, Christian White, Shiqiang Zou, Zhen He*          <Link>    <Researchgate>

    ->Chemical Engineering Journal 2018, 334, 2303-2307

  11. High-efficient Photocatalytic Disinfection of Escherichia coli under Visible Light Using Carbon Supported Vanadium Tetrasulfide Nanocomposites
    ->Baogang Zhang*,#Shiqiang Zou#, Ruquan Cai, Min Li, Zhen He*         <Link>    <Researchgate>        

    ->Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 2018, 224, 383-393

    Graphical Abstract.png

  12. Enhancing Recovery of Magnesium as Struvite from Landfill Leachate by Treatment of Calcium with Simultaneous Reduction of Liquid Volume via Forward Osmosis
    ->Simiao Wu, Shiqiang Zou, Guannan Liang, Guangren Qian, Zhen He*             <Link>    <Researchgate>      

    ->Science of the Total Environment 2018, 610-611, 137-146

  13. Electrodialysis Recovery of Reverse-fluxed Fertilizer Draw Solute during Forward Osmosis Water Treatment
    ->Shiqiang Zou, Zhen He*         <Link>    <Researchgate>

    ->Chemical Engineering Journal 2017, 330, 550-558


  14. Efficient Recovery of Polyelectrolyte Draw Solutes in Forward Osmosis towards Sustainable Water Treatment
    ->Yuli Yang, Mingtao Chen, Shiqiang Zou, Timothy Long, Xiaoli Yang, Zhen He*          <Link>    <Researchgate>        

    ->Desalination 2017, 422, 134-141

  15. Nutrient-Energy-Water Recovery from Synthetic Sidestream Centrate Using a Microbial Electrolysis Cell – Forward Osmosis Hybrid System
    ->Shiqiang Zou, Mohan Qin, Yann Moreau, Zhen He*             <Link>    <Researchgate>

    ->Journal of Cleaner Production 2017, 154, 16-25

    Graphical Abstract.jpg

  16. Energy Consumption by Forward Osmosis Treatment of Landfill Leachate for Water Recovery
    ->Syeed M. Iskander, Shiqiang Zou, Brian Brazil, John Novak, Zhen He*            <Link>    <Researchgate>

    ->Waste Management 2017, 63, 284-291

  17. Electrolysis-Assisted Mitigation of Reverse Solute Flux in a Three-Chamber Forward Osmosis System
    ->Shiqiang Zou, Zhen He*     <Link>    <Researchgate>

    ->Water Research 2017, 115, 111-119

    Graphical Abstract 01.jpg

  18. Energy Consumption of Water Recovery from Wastewater in a Submerged Forward Osmosis System with Commercial Liquid Fertilizers as Draw Solutes
    ->Xiaoxue Xiang, Shiqiang Zou, Zhen He*     <Link>    <Researchgate>
    ->Separation and Purification Technology 2017, 174, 432-438

  19. Energy Consumption by Recirculation: A Missing Parameter When Evaluating Forward Osmosis
    ->Shiqiang Zou, Heyang Yuan, Amy Childress*, Zhen He*     <Link>    <Researchgate>
    ->Environmental Science & Technology 2016, 50 (13), 6827-6829

  20. Enhancing Wastewater Reuse by Forward Osmosis with Self-Diluted Commercial Fertilizers as Draw Solutes
    ->Shiqiang Zou, Zhen He*     <Link>    <Researchgate>

    ->Water Research 2016, 99, 235-243


  21. High-Efficient Nitrogen Removal by Coupling Enriched Autotrophic-Nitrification and Aerobic-Denitrification Consortiums at Cold Temperature
    ->Shiqiang Zou, Shuo Yao, Jinren Ni*     <Link>    <Researchgate>
    ->Bioresource Technology 2014, 161, 288-296


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