Hi, welcome to the ZOU Lab at Auburn University! I’m Shiqiang (Nick) Zou, the principal investigator of ZOU Lab. We are recruiting new members right now, and so feel free to check the whole website to know better about our research, group, and Auburn community!

A little bit more info about me. Before joining Auburn, I’m a postdoctoral Scholar in Prof. Meagan Mauter’s WE3 Lab in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University.  Prior to Stanford, I got my Ph.D. degree from Virginia Tech. Working at Environmental Biotechnology and Bioenergy Lab (EBBL), my Ph.D. research mainly focuses on nutrient-energy-water (NEW) recovery from all types of wastewater through innovative membrane-based technologies, such as Forward Osmosis (FO) and Bioelectrochemical System (BES), to sustainably address some major challenges in 21st century, i.e. water scarcity, nutrient depletion with increasing food demands, and energy shortage. During my leisure time, I’d like to watch movies, get together with my friends, and enjoy football games. As a Hokie, I really cherish the spirit of “Ut Prosim (That I may serve)”, and actively engage in volunteer services to help build a better community.

I also hold dual master’s degrees from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Peking University (PKU), both are top 3 universities in Asia (ranked 2nd and 3rd according to the Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings, respectively). Stepping out of Asia is a great and rewarding experience for me, and I will strive to build a supportive and inclusive community at Auburn.



  • 5/2022: Graf Sullivan received the CEE Stone Leadership Awards.
  • 4/2022: Jiaxiang Zhao won the 2022 AL/MS Water conference student poster competition.
  • 2/2022: Dr. Zou was invited to serve as a faculty advisor to the Engineers without Borders Auburn domestic team.


  • 10/2021: Zilan Yang won an Honorable Mention at the 2021 Graduate Engineering Research Showcase.
  • 09/2021: Dr. Zou was admitted to the 2021-2022 New Faculty Scholars (NFS) program at Auburn University.
  • 08/2021: Dr. Zou received an early career travel grant from the ECS Industrial Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering (IE&EE) Division to attend the virtual 240th ECS Meeting. The IE&EE division has also elected to support Dr. Zou to attend the 241st ECS Meeting in Vancouver, BC (Spring 2022) or 242nd ECS Meeting in Atlanta, GA (Fall 2022) in person.
  • 08/2021: Zilan Yang won the 2021 AL/MS Water conference student poster competition
  • 05/2021: Dr. Zou served as a panelist for “How to Standout in the Interview” session in the Preparing Future Faculty workshop at Auburn University. This session is hosted by Dr. Natalie Capiro.
  • 04/2021: Dr. Zou hosted Dr. Daniel Gingerich from the Ohio State University. Daniel gave a seminar talk titled “Electricity Sector Modeling for Clean Air, Clean Water, and Clean Jobs” on the Environmental and Ecological Engineering Seminars Series.
  • 03/2021: Our prospective Ph.D. student, Ms. Zilan Yang, is selected to receive Walt and Virginia Woltosz Fellowship from the College of Engineering.
  • 01/2021: Dr. Zou joined Auburn University as an assistant professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.