Postdoctoral Scholars

Screenshot 2022-06-24 162921Dr. Ao Xie (Linkedin-logo-w-256, she/her/hers)

Ph.D., Clemson University, United States

M.S., University of Washington, United States

B.S., Tianjin University, China

Research project: Electrocatalytic wastewater treatment

Graduate Students


Najibullah Zulfeqar (Linkedin-logo-w-256, he/him/his)

Ph.D. student, 2023 Spring (co-advised with Dr. Ali Khosravi)

M.S., Auburn University, United States

B.S., Kabul University, Kabul, Afghanistan

Research project: Electrochemical soil conditioning

20210913, Zilan Yang, headshots
Zilan Yang  (Linkedin-logo-w-256, she/her/hers)

Ph.D. student, 2021 Summer

M.S., Georgia Tech, United States

B.S., University of Georgia, United States

Research project: Electrochemical wastewater treatment


  • AL/MS Water Conference Poster Competition Award (2021)
  • Walter and Virginia Woltosz Fellowship (2021-2025)

20210913, Jiaxiang Zhao, headshots

Jiaxiang Zhao  (Linkedin-logo-w-256he/him/his)

Ph.D. student, 2021 Fall

M.S., Wageningen University, Netherlands

B.Eng., Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, China

Research Project: Electrochemical wastewater treatment


  • The Electrochemical Society (ECS) Industrial Electrochemistry & Electrochemical Engineering (IE&EE) Travel Grant (2022)
  • AL/MS Water Conference Poster Competition Award (2022)

Undergraduate Students

Formal Photo - CopyBrandon Alderman (Linkedin-logo-w-256, he/him/his)

Undergraduate research student

Civil Engineering

01/2022 – Present

Research Project: Phosphorus removal


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K-12 Students


Moral Support


Meow Meow

Owner: Zilan Yang

Meow Meow is selective with canned food as she knows that many pollutants can accumulate in the food chain and end up in her body, which is why she will refuse to touch or even smell any fish/shrimp canned food. Her research interest primarily focuses on wastewater treatment, so she can get rid of all of the toxicants from natural water and solve the CATastrophic emergency on delicious canned foods.



Owner: Ao Xie

Dalton is a sweet talker and shy adventurer. He climbed up to Ao’s shoulders and head the moment he first arrived at home and couldn’t stop purring. Plus, he got great recommendations from the shelter. He also has awesome taste as an interior designer. He likes to add a little fringe for some Bohemian vibe which fits great. He has developed an interest in computer accessories and has been testing keyboards recently.