Selected as “Top Reviewers in 2017” by Water Environment Research

The leadership of WER wants to thank the top reviewers of the last year. The academics listed below have contributed the most outstanding reviews in 2017.Thank you for your service to the journal!

  • Daniel Cassidy
  • Guangbin Li
  • Hanzhuo Fu
  • Xiaojin Li
  • Charles Bleckmann
  • Jongmin Kim
  • James Pratt
  • Murat Eyvaz
  • W.J. Huang
  • Hao Chen
  • Chih-Ming Kao
  • Khalid Elwakeel
  • Adrian Bonilla-Petriciolet
  • Tian Zhang
  • Yi He
  • Grant Goedjen
  • Norma Beltran
  • Ashley Pifer
  • Ningshengjie Gao
  • Gaoke Zhang
  • Hamidreza Sharifan
  • Jaret Johnson
  • Murthy Kasi
  • Thomas O’Connor
  • Shiqiang Zou

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Received Certificate of Reviewing from Elsevier

We recognize the important contribution all reviewers make to Elsevier’s and other publishers’ journals and want to provide a means to making this contribution more visible.

Your Latest Elsevier Title Review
Chemical Engineering Research and Design 
July 2016

Based on your contribution, we have awarded you Recognized Reviewer Status.




Credited as Inventors of the Month

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation recognizes Zhen (Jason) He and Shiqiang Zou as Inventors of the Month for the invention, “Electrolysis Assisted Mitigation of Reverse Salt Flux in Forward Osmosis Systems,” disclosed to Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.

The original news is published on VT Research & Innovation website: Link